November 30, 2017

To all of my supporters,

I am sad to announce that as of today I am ending my campaign to represent the 6th Congressional District of Illinois in the United States House of Representatives. This decision was not easy and not made in haste, but I believe it is the right decision.

During this campaign, I have heard “I don’t know what to do” over and over from residents of the 6th District and Americans in general. Our families, friends, and neighbors are hurting and we’re anxious in the face of great uncertainty and Washington’s seeming inaction. I ran for office because I wanted to do something to make our communities, our country, and our world better.

I remain committed to that vision. After much deliberation with my family and campaign team, I believe that the most effective course of action I can take is to support the candidate who is best positioned to defeat Peter Roskam, providing the 6th District with a representative who stands for them. I am still fighting for better policy and better government that makes our needs its highest priority, and I hope you’ll continue to fight alongside me.

To everyone who has helped so far: thank you for the time, effort, and contributions you have made to fight for a better government. I am honored by the trust you placed in my ability as a candidate to advance our collective fight to bring responsible government back to the 6th Congressional District and the country.

We made an enormous impact in just three months. We listened to and amplified the concerns of 6th Congressional District residents through large forums and one-on-one conversations. We talked to thousands of our neighbors while collecting signatures to get on the ballot, bringing more people into the democratic process. We helped spread the message of tireless grassroots efforts advocating for change in the 6th Congressional District and the country. We shared the campaign stage with gubernatorial candidates and met with dozens of local, state, and federal representatives, opening the flow of communication.

I am inspired by the people I met over the last three months. Your passion, commitment, and drive make me hopeful for our future, and more determined than ever to do my part to reform Washington. Those of you who know me well know I am incapable of walking away from a battle over right and wrong, so rest assured this is not the end. I hope this is not the last time I will see you on the front line with me. We will not give up.

It is my privilege to endorse Kelly Mazeski as a Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives from the 6th Congressional District of Illinois. Through years of public service and community involvement she has shown a commitment to improving the lives of others. I believe Kelly will serve the people of the 6th District with great integrity and compassion.


Best regards,