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Grace Haaf is running for US House of Representatives in the 6th Congressional District of Illinois. She is fighting for fairness and opportunity.

As a business owner, engineer, and former cyber security analyst for the CIA, Grace will bring thoughtfulness and sound judgment to Congress. She believes we need leaders who focus on developing solutions, not partisan bickering.

Current federal policy prioritizes special interest groups that can pay for elite access over the needs of all Americans. If elected, Grace will fight to put people first and make evidence-based legislative decisions that benefit residents of the 6th Congressional District of Illinois and the United States as a whole.

Members of Congress today are wasting time and money stripping rights from families. Grace will work to expand access to affordable healthcare, create jobs in growing industries, improve our schools, and protect Medicare and Social Security benefits. Washington’s priorities are not in the right order and we need change in Congress to get our country moving in the right direction.


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