On the Issues


All Americans need access to affordable healthcare

  • "Repeal and replace" is counter-productive and more expensive than improving our current system
  • Drug addiction, particularly opioid addiction, should be treated as a health issue instead of a criminal issue
  • Regular, preventative care avoids later catastrophic costs

Job creation

We should be better preparing Americans for the jobs that will be created in the next few years to the next few decades

  • We face a shortage of trained professionals in industrial tech trades like welding and construction
  • The number of corporate support and administrative positions will continue to grow, particularly in our own 6th Congressional District, adding jobs in sectors like HR and IT infrastructure and management
  • Competition for software engineers and developers is fierce and a trained corps of professionals is needed to supply large corporations and tech startups alike


We need to ensure schools are preparing students for a changing landscape

  • Technology and programming need to be included in standard curriculums
  • Students must be exposed to a range of options post secondary options prior to high school graduation, including vocational training and apprenticeships
  • Every student who wants to attend a four-year college program should have equal access to that opportunity, and students who are ready to enter the workforce directly need to know that alternative paths are also available

National security

The United States faces increasingly complex threats from foreign adversaries

  • We need to increase support for cyber-defense and other technological capability building
  • We need to strengthen relationships with regional allies abroad and distribute the costs of fighting terrorism, reducing the number of American lives at risk fighting on foreign soil


Legal immigration is and always has been critical to the fabric of the United States

  • There is a shortage of domestic American workers able to meet the demand for jobs that exist; we need to train American workers so that they can fill them, not shut immigrants out
  • We need to resource adequately the US agencies that process immigration requests, reducing uncertainty and disruption for legal applicants, families, and employers


Infrastructure spending creates jobs and improves the lives of all Americans

  • Improved rail service reduces traffic congestion and pollution and enables 6th Congressional District residents to easily commute to downtown Chicago jobs while raising families in strong suburban communities

Political discourse

We need politicians that promote intelligent conversation around serious issues

  • Regardless of party affiliation, there are issues in the 6th Congressional District that affect everyone, like the need for affordable healthcare, good schools, and transportation infrastructure
  • Compromise is just that: a give and take. We cannot afford to treat “burn the government to the ground” as a strategy