Why I'm Running

My philosophy is simple: Do something.

When you see an injustice, do something about it.  When you see a way to help someone, do something about it.  When you have a dream, do something about it.

My entire life, I’ve been trying to build a better world.  Whether as an engineer or a researcher, whether working for companies or for governments, whether as a business owner or a voter, I’m always trying to close the gap between where we are and where I know we can be.

That’s why it’s so hard for me to see what’s happening in politics today.  We have a government that doesn’t believe in science, politicians who are more interested in helping big donors than millions of Americans, and a breakdown of civility and trust in Washington that makes it all but impossible to work together and trust each other.

Watching the news, you’d think we’re a country stuck in the past.  You see our nation’s leaders talking about energy policy like it’s 1950, race and justice like it’s 1850, and healthcare like it’s 1450.

You can’t move a nation forwards by always looking backwards.

That’s not the country I grew up in, and those voices don’t represent you or me.

Recently, the struggle for equality and economic opportunity was made more personal for me.  In one of the companies I worked for, I found out I was being paid less than my male colleague who was doing the same job.  I tried to renegotiate for equal pay, and I was fired for it.  The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act gives women the right to have their day in court when they discover wage discrimination, but I didn’t have the financial resources to sustain the kind of legal battle I’d need to fight.  I found myself looking into ways we could improve the law that guarantees women the right to be heard and discovered that our congressman, Peter Roskam, voted against it.  He doesn’t even think women deserve the modest protection it provides.

I thought of all the people who have been hurt, far worse than myself, by backwards thinking and politicians who don’t care about anyone or anything except staying in power.  We in Illinois deserve better from the people we send to Washington to represent us.

Peter Roskam’s voting record is a litany of terrible decisions that prove that when your interests as constituents are different from the special interests that back him, he’ll side with special interests. And more recently, he'll side with President Trump.

I strongly believe the people of Illinois deserve so much better.  We deserve policy informed by evidence, debated in the open, and motivated by a desire to move our district and the United States forward.

So I decided to do something about it.  I can’t sit around waiting for someone else to take care of this for us.  I’m running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, and I’m asking for your vote.

I still believe what I always have: together, we can make tomorrow better.